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75% of children in rural schools cannot read a grade level story book, largely because they go through school without any exposure to reading. With as little as $30, you can transform the lives of a whole class of children in a rural school by donating a class set of books that will set them on the path to become skilled readers who love to read.

Help us promote reading by donating a package today

Your donation will go to a school of your choice.

Care Package

$ 30
  • 20 Books
  • 1 Stream

Goodwill Package

$ 90
  • 60 Books
  • 3 Classes

Benevolence Package

$ 150
  • 100 Books
  • 5 Classes

Kindness Package

$ 300
  • 220 Books
  • ECD Section
  • Lower Primary

Sympathy Package

$ 600
  • 440 Books
  • ECD Section
  • Lower Primary
  • Mid Primary

Compassion Package

$ 900
  • 620 Books
  • 50 YA Novels
  • ECD Section
  • Lower Primary
  • Mid Primary
  • Upper Primary

Generosity Package

$ 1500
  • 1300 Books
  • 100 YA Novels
  • 2 ECD Section
  • 2 Lower Primary
  • 2 Mid Primary
  • 2 Upper Primary


Through its DEAR day initiative, aimed at promoting reading as a way of life, PEACE CORS Uganda has donated 2000 to several rural schools from all parts of the country.

      BRAC has donated 120 phonics charts to selected homes during the lockdown

KPMG has donated 350
books to one school in Wakiso district

KCCA has donated 1000 books to several UPE schools in Kampala City.

Through its Basis Education Learning Enhancement Initiative (BELEP), 40 rotary clubs have collectively donated over 10,000 books to underprivileged schools in Northern, Eastern and Central Uganda.

Besides supporting Oasis directly in the creation of teaching guides for all our books as well as our administration systems, Fulbright specialists have raised funds to donate 500 books to select schools.

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