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Oasis books are high quality, culturally relevant, and intelligent books, known for their great child appeal. Each book is carefully written and designed to engage children in a fun, interactive way. This magic quality means that Oasis books really do sell themselves – they’re often the first choice when teachers are looking for new reading resources, and when parents want new reading materials for the home. Most importantly, children LOVE OASIS books! OASIS books cover a wide variety of important themes and we have books for children of all age groups, including nursery, lower primary, upper primary, and O’level story books. So far there are about 15 titles available (and many more coming up), and all of them are under $3.00!

You should not sell OASIS books to anyone who is planning to sell them to anybody else. You must not sell to shops…and you must not DISPLAY the books. OASIS books are only sold directly to the end users.

In addition to the practical advice detailed in the Literacy

Agents’ handbook, your Mentor (the person who introduced you the Oasis Book Project) will help you with everything you need to support you in growing your OBP literacy agent business. 


Most Literacy Agents get started with School Visits on Class days/Visitation days/Sports Days etc. As the Literacy Agent, you sensitize parents about the importance of reading, especially local stories, tell them about Oasis children’s books, and demonstrate the unique features and details of a few titles. (Note: complete training is provided to learn your book presentation, including word for-word scripts.) You earn 2O% of the sales as your commission! Your work consisted of spending an average of just three hours away from home; sharing these beautiful books; socializing with other adults and helping them choose books for the children in their lives.

Even More Opportunities with Schools 

If you decide to become a Full-time Educational Literacy Agent, * you can contact:

1) School Administrations

Educators are great fans of OASIS books and are excited when a Literacy Agent brings them samples to preview.  The schools are obliged to buy the samples giving you instant revenue as you set the stage for bigger purchases. Most schools have a specific budget to get new books by Purchase Order. But you must consult with the main office before visiting any school, to avoid approaching schools that have already been visited by other Literacy Agents.

2) PTAs and PTOs

Parent organizations will often sponsor the school Book Fair or sometimes make outright purchases for the school.

3) Beyond Schools…

If you’d like to explore avenues of selling the books other than at school visits, we have other programs through which you can sell Oasis books. These include home parties, workplace direct sales, church events, children’s festivals, shop-to-shop visits, etc. Most people start with school visitation days, as they are easy to do and very profitable! But school visitation days are not the only way to enjoy selling Oasis Books.

One of the most exciting things about the OBP business opportunity is its flexibility and limitless opportunity. You are only constrained by your own time, goals, and desires. There are so many ways to reach families – you can easily find many markets in which you will feel comfortable representing this outstanding line of books. So if you are wondering where you would sell the books, read through the following list and find the options that would best suit you!

  • Office Meal Breaks: Office Lunch breaks are an excellent way to reach many parents at one time, and sensitize them about the importance of reading. A typical office conversation should consist of a brief introduction of the OASIS books as well as selected features. You highlight the books their children will like, leaving lots of time for customers to browse the books you bring as well as the Oasis catalog.
  • Mother’s Groups: There are many groups designed to help support mothers and families which are full of people who love good books for their children. Examples include local women-saving groups, and organizations like Mothers Union, Girl Power, etc.
  • Holiday Fairs, Festivals, and Community Days: Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to show off our wonderful Oasis Books. Children’s festivals, holiday fairs, craft shows, and community days are just a few examples. These are not only an opportunity for sales, but they are also a great way to get leads for other school shows as well as meet others who would like to sell books.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies and Government Agencies can contribute to their community by hosting book fairs for their employees and donating free products or cash to local schools or charities of their choice.
  •  Home school meetings, Conventions, and Curriculum Fairs: Homeschooling is more popular nowadays than ever before. And Homeschooling parents love OASIS books. They are always on the lookout for creating educational materials. 
  • Door to Door Sales: Anyone with a comfortable pair of shoes and the time for it can pound the pavement with their OASIS books tucked in their bags, and be guaranteed to sell many books at the end of the day. Many people will want to buy from you if you find them at their workplaces instead of them having to visit a book store. People can also place a “direct sale” order with you at any time, for any amount if you have fewer books on you.
  • Preschools and Daycares: Preschools and Daycares usually host several events including but not limited to book weeks. Parents enjoy the convenience of finding great books at school and their children benefit from being introduced to great culturally relevant books earlier in life. Since we have a no display policy, our brochure allows you to take orders using wish lists with the children – no need for you to stock an inventory of books.


  • You can earn a 20% Literacy Agent commission from the total sales value of each order. For school and other discounted bulk orders, it’s a 12% commission.
  • You will also earn a monthly Personal Sales Bonus ranging from 1% to 5% if your sales exceed 250 copies sold in a month.
  • You can earn 6% on the sales of anyone you recruit.
  • You can earn even more commission by building your own OBP Literacy Agents Team.


  • For school visits, your customers pay you the full value of the items they have purchased, you pay us the net value after deducting your commission, leaving you with the balance.
  • For other sales avenues, you purchase the books directly from the OASIS office at a fee less your current commissions per book.
  • FOR school bulk purchases, the school pays the gross amount to OASIS, then OASIS will calculate and pay your commission.
  • After the end of each month, we calculate the override commissions due to all Literacy Agents on their Personal Team Sales and we pay it into your bank account (provided you have given us the details). We also send you a commission statement, by email, explaining the amount due to you. The payment usually reaches your bank account by the 15th of the following month at the latest.

The best thing about becoming an OBP literacy agent is that it is an opportunity that rewards effort. As with all businesses, how much you earn depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your business. Since the average daily sales per agent are between 10 and 20 copies, most Literacy Agents make about 15,000 per day, plus bonuses. Multiply that by the number of days you want to work per month and you can get a rough estimate of the minimum amount you will make….THE MAXIMUM revenue depends on work ethic: time and effort invested. 

But you will earn even MORE income by sharing the OASIS BOOK PROJECT business

If you enjoy the business and sponsor others to start their own side business with OBP, you will earn a 6% bonus on your personal recruits’ sales every month that they sell at least 250 copies. There are no territories for recruiting new Literacy Agents; you can sign up anyone from around the country. And, you can sponsor new people into the business as soon as you sign up.

Leadership Opportunities with Oasis Book Project. As you sponsor new Literacy Agents into the business, you can build a team and increase your income by promoting yourself to CAPTAIN. As a CAPTAIN, you will earn a 10% bonus on your team member’s sales AND your own personal sales. If this interests you, your mentor will personally help you in this goal and teach you how to do what he/she does as a Supervisor. There is no limit to your growth potential with the OASIS BOOK PROJECT!

Growth Potential with the OASIS BOOK PROJECT Literacy agent Business

Each of us has a different vision for our side business, which may change as our family grows and changes. Do you want to enjoy great books, and weekends out with pay, and earn extra money for new furniture or clothing for your children? Do you want to meet new people, pay your monthly car payment, or pay for a vacation? Is your ultimate goal to grow in business skills as you build a team, and promote to Team CAPTAIN?


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