A Basic Guide to Becoming an Oasis Book Project Literacy Agent

You probably have many questions about how this business works. This information is designed to answer your questions and help you understand how a side business with Oasis Book Project can fit into your already busy life!

Being an Oasis Book Project Literacy Agent is an excellent side business that allows you to set your own hours and earn extra income while fostering the love of reading and learning in our home, community, and beyond.


Benefits of an Oasis Book Project Literacy agent side Business

  • Earn extra income for family needs
  • Set your own hours, totally flexible schedule
  • Build an incredible home library of books
  • Improve your business and leadership skills
  • Promote literacy and a love of reading
  • Enjoy generous rewards and recognition
  • Experience personal growth and meet new people
  • Receive ongoing training and support

How Oasis Book Project Literacy Agent Business is Different

There are many types of side businesses out there. What makes OBP Literacy Agents’ business different from other business opportunities?

  • Our Products: our amazing books make a difference in the lives of children and their families. It is truly rewarding to represent a product with such incredible purpose.
  • No Minimums: the majority of other “direct sales” home businesses have monthly or quarterly sales minimums you are required to meet. With Oasis Book Project, you are truly in complete control of how much you work your business because there are NO sales minimums you have to meet in order to be a Literacy Agent!
  • Different Avenues of Selling: School Visits are just one way to sell books! You can also sell through company or community events, home events, direct sales at trade fairs (using our highly successful guerilla marketing strategies), and more! An OBP literacy Agent business offers a wide variety of ways to market a wonderful, high-quality product.
  • Outstanding Compensation Plan: You can start making money from Day One. Our commission and bonus structure are one of the best in the country.
  • Friendly, Family-Oriented Training and Support: Our team of Literacy Agents is incredibly supportive of one another. We believe in helping each other succeed, and share with each other a huge collection of “pooled” training resources and materials, including a private Watsapp Group for Oasis Literary Agents, a useful resource for fun-filled discussions on every topic.

Our Products

Oasis books are high quality, culturally relevant, and intelligent books, known for their great child appeal. Each book is carefully written and designed to engage children in a fun, interactive way. This magic quality means that Oasis books really do sell themselves – they’re often the first choice when teachers are looking for new reading resources, and when parents want new reading materials for the home. Most importantly, children LOVE OASIS books! OASIS books cover a wide variety of important themes and we have books for children of all age groups, including nursery, lower primary, upper primary, and O’level story books. So far there are about 15 titles available (and many more coming up), and all of them are under $3.00!

A Flexible, Family-Friendly Side Business

One of the best things about an Oasis Book Project Literacy agent business is that it’s not a “one size fits all” opportunity.  You can tailor this business to fit your personal and family needs. Many OBP Literacy Agents work the business part-time, while others work it full-time. Some work it “now and then” as a hobby. Some are already professionals with jobs, who work their OBP business a few evenings a month and/or on the weekends. Many are stay-at-home moms, who work their business around their family’s schedule. Some are secondary school students seeking to earn some money in the holidays, others are grandmothers who enjoy working the business. And yes, we have many successful literacy agents who are men. No matter who you are or what your lifestyle is, an OBP Literacy Agent business can fit into your schedule – you choose the days/times when you want to work…and there are no sales quotas or minimums you are required to meet each month. Flexible, and family-friendly!